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Catherine François

Born in 1963 in Belgium, Catherine François studied law before turning to Fine Arts and Sculpture, to which she has devoted the past thirty life of her life. Her works have been exhibited in Brussels, Knokke, Paris, Geneva. In 2007, the David and Alice Van Buuren Museum in Brussels hosted her first retrospective exhibition, which proved hugely successful. This invitation was renewed in 2012. Drawing her inspiration from nature, Catherine François’s works veer towards abstraction while boasting strong, organic, familiar and sensual characteristics. Her sculptures communicate the infinity of the movement, regardless whether energies are balanced or not... in short... just like life itself.

"Are we expected to be the archaeologists uncovering what is hidden

from our eyes, or will art and beauty spring from our imagination alone ?" Preface  Guy Duplat

“...I don’t understand what has happened, what wanted to ‘emerge’, until long afterwards. Sometimes the beauty of nature overwhelms me with such strong emotion that I have to feel it with my fingers to be able to understand it.. It transcends me. I want to scream this shape for all to hear.To remind those who no longer remember that Nature is our mother. The very one who raises us.”

Catherine François


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