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Paul De Gobert

Paul De Gobert is a painter born in Brussels in 1949. The inspiration for his work comes from the emotion of nature and the concern for its ecological conservation. The desire to integrate painting with architecture led him to the realization of monumental works, notably the gigantic fresco adorning the Vandervelde metro station in Brussels, and construction site fences such as that of the Crédit Communal in Brussels, but also in Paris where, following his meeting with Jacques Séguela, he realized the frescoes that decorated the RSCG agency. Contact with the public and their reactions to his painting interests him, especially when he works in hospitals, such as the Tenon Hospital, or, as was the case in his early years, when he worked in the working-class neighborhood of Marolles. Invited by the Alliance française in Jordan, he created a fresco commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In addition to these large format works, he continues his work as an easel painter and watercolorist, a tireless walker of the dawn.