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Antoine Mortier

La Transfiguration du réel

  • Camille Brasseur
39,50 €
  • art

Antoine Mortier

La Transfiguration du réel

  • Camille Brasseur
39,50 €
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30 x 30 cm
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To dive into the work of Antoine Mortier (1908-1999), a major figure within lyrical abstraction in Belgium, is to take the path of discovery and the luxury of a unique adventure. He reveals his inner world with the gesture he projects onto the canvas with an energy which is nothing other than the expression of his soul. Drawings and inks echo the paintings, sometimes revealing the secrets of their birth. The choice of a thematic approach offers a journey through time disclosing the abundant diversity of an œuvre which equals that of the greatest modern painters.

“Subjects are only pretexts for painting. The creator must dominate life.”

“The most secret, the most beautiful is only acquired through persevering love and silent effort.” 

Antoine Mortier

The authors

  • Camille Brasseur
    Art historian, she was attached to the CoBrA Research Center of the ULB, from 2003 to 2007, where she was entrusted with the coordination of exhibitions and editions. She is now in charge of the cultural mission at the City of Mons, where she takes care of temporary exhibitions. She is also a scientific collaborator of the ULB and lecturer at the National Institute of Performing Arts and Broadcasting Techniques (INSAS) since 2008. Curator of the exhibition Serge Vandercam, Du regard à la main (BAM, 2010), she is now interested in the work of a Belgian painter of the same generation: Antoine Mortier.
  • Xavier Canonne

    Xavier Canonne has a doctorate in art history from the Sorbonne University and is a specialist in surrealism and the avant-garde. He has been Director of the Museum of Photography in Charleroi since 2000.

  • Michel Baudson
  • Francois Degouys
  • Michel De Reymaeker
  • Michel Draguet
  • Claire Leblanc
  • Els Vermeersch
  • Jacky Maezele