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  • Marie-Françoise Plissart
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  • Photography


  • Marie-Françoise Plissart
39,50 €
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30 x 28 cm
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Fr En Nl

Here, the radical character of the approach is translated into the panoramic format that wants to capture everything, and translate the energy of the flows from one edge to the other of the image's territory. The power of the compositions is born from the clash between masses and trajectories, from the tensions between tilts and counterpoints, in an almost pictorial treatment of the urban motif.

In the sometimes pale light of the wide angles and the intimate views, the whims of the climate introduce an essential variable. And even more so in the furtive moments captured between dog and wolf. Provoking inversions between light and dark, empty and full, they give the most familiar places a particular strangeness.

Brussels, as our birds see it when they circle its towers and dive towards the oh so red roof tiles... As Icarus would see it, flying over Ixelles, Boistfort, Molenbeek and the canal. He never stops being amazing by the spectacular visions which the city offers every time he looks at it.

Texts: Vincent Cartuyvels
Photography: Marie-Françoise Plissart

The authors

  • Marie-Françoise Plissart

    Photographer and video maker.

  • Vincent Cartuyvels

    Art historian and lecturer, Professor at La Cambre and Honorary Director of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts ESA LE 75.