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  • Véronique Boissacq-Allen
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  • Photography


  • Véronique Boissacq-Allen
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Her work stems from a poignant and unsettling thought process. Boissacq sees beyond one single life. Through her un‐retouched work, she transcribes the violence in relationships, life in all its aspects, without make‐up, stripped bare, without complicity or shame, without indulgence and without lament. Her quest, her questions, her ceaseless interrogation turn her into a sociologist examining a society ill at ease with itself. Her photos show frankly the symptoms of a civilization in decline: the lack of time or the absence of symbolization, a kind of destructuring, immediateness and false freedom, or the impossibility of communicating when we are overloaded with senseless noise. We connect and disconnect. What do we really have left to say? To what purpose?

An observer, a participant despite herself, in the saga of the coming disaster, she pushes against the confines of our being and in doing so reveals its complex palimpsest. Humanity is as prone to destruction as it was to creation, and is under the threat of annihilation unless we guard against it. From ephemeral butterflies to adolescents at the end of an era, she opens up the perspective of a third way, of a new balance, like a new eye, in an encircling flight. Boissacq shares a forgotten beauty with us, that of authenticity. She follows her own way, motivated by the need to deliver her message, straight to the heart and soul, her own being full of new equations to create a new landscape, to re find an ancient, intuitive harmony. Let us slip stealthily into a pure light, cradled by the delicacy and fragility which is our being and nature.

The author

  • Véronique Boissacq-Allen

    Véronique Boissacq-Allen, is a photography graduate, and a great portraitist who needs no introduction because her work has had such a strong influence on the history of the photography and portrait world. She has, and dares to have, a different view of our society. Since 1994, she has held numerous exhibitions in Belgium and worldwide. Her portraits are striking and speak to everyone. Unconventional, a seasoned visionary and an art-therapist, she takes us to a world without masks.