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Know How

40 artisans bruxellois d'exception

24,50 €
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Know How

40 artisans bruxellois d'exception

24,50 €
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soft cover with flap
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17 x 24 cm
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Fr Nl
Forty encounters that make a difference. The cultural editor Delphine Martens and the photographer Julien Hayard push for you the doors of the workshops and make you discover the universe of today's urban craftsmen. Carpenters, stone cutters, master glassmakers... They have an ancestral know-how, acquired through years of learning and practice. Passionate about materials, they have chosen to live by the work of their hands, discreetly resisting the digital age. This fragile Brussels know how, they are eager to pass it on to the masters of tomorrow. A book in the form of an impromptu walk through the heart of the city and its buildings, which is above all a celebration of human creativity.

Trades included in the book: ironwork, locksmithing, restoration of architectural heritage, design, cabinetmaking, electricity, upholstery, carpentry, mosaic, decorative painting, plumbing, rockwork, staff, stucco, stonework, roofing and carpentry, stained glass.

The book is an initiative of the Foundation for the Arts in Brussels, realized with the help of a steering committee composed of Françoise Aubry, Marc Danloy, Charles Javit, Pablo Lhoas, Francis Metzger, Barbara Van der Wee, Thierry Wauters.

The authors

  • Delphine Martens

    Delphine Martens is a curious and dreamy Brussels native, with a passion for words. She studied Romance languages at the ULB and music at the Brussels Conservatory. She taught French in various countries before returning to her native city, where she appreciates the unique cultural ferment. This is where her activity is concentrated today, as a cultural editor and event coordinator, in constant contact with the effervescent urban creativity that she appreciates so much. 

  • Julien Hayard

    Versatile photographer, appreciated for his talents as a lighting designer, Julien Hayard alternates projects in Brussels and abroad. Initially interested in the techniques of photographic laboratory, he evolves as a self-taught to make his profession. If architecture and still life predominate in his work, this book was an opportunity for him to try his hand at the subtle and human art of portraiture. Between commissions, Julien escapes, climbing cliffs to come back with new ideas.