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Past to future

La grande carrière wincqz

  • Architecture

Past to future

La grande carrière wincqz

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soft cover with double flap
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20 x 26 cm
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This book documents the conversion and restoration project of the Grande Carrière Wincqz in Soignies, Belgium. Built in the 19th century to excavate the world-renowned Belgian blue stone, today, the quarry is home to an ambitious project: the Pôle de la Pierre, a training centre specialising in the stone industry.

Architects Isabelle Toussaint, Matteo Robbiglio and Patrick Bribosia have adopted an architectural stance based on respect for all the archaeological and industrial traces of the site. They place particular emphasis on the contemporary interventions, which should be clearly identifiable while simultaneously harmoniously incorporated into the existing environment.

The book covers the transformation of the site in three essays:

- a photographic essay by Marie Noëlle Dailly exploring the interior and exterior spaces and landscapes of the transformed site; a conceptual essay inscribing the Soignies project in the more general context of the reuse of industrial heritage; a graphic essay that reconstructs the transformation of the site as a process of place-making as well as a collective process of meaning-making by means of documents, photographs of the construction phases, drawings and sketches. 

The authors

  • Isabelle Toussaint
    Isabelle Toussaint, architect, specialises in the conservation of monuments and sites at the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation of KU Leuven under the direction of Andrea Bruno. After working for the architectural firm Avventura Urbana for 20 years on urban regeneration and community architecture in Italy and France, in 2011 Isabelle and Matteo founded the firm TRA_Toussaint Robiglio Architetti, focusing on adaptive reuse and social architecture, in Italy and Belgium.
  • Matteo Robiglio
    Matteo Robiglio, architect and urban designer, is a Full Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at the Politecnico di Torino where, in 2017, he founded the FU LL – the Future Urban Legacy Lab, an interdisciplinary research laboratory exploring transformative design approaches to architectural and territorial heritage, until 2022. He is the author of RE-USA: 20 American Stories of Adaptive Reuse (Berlin 2017).
  • Patrick Bribosia
    Patrick Bribosia, architect and builder with a master in Conservation et restauration du patrimoine culturel immobilier, teaches theory and design at the Architecture School of Université de Liege. He works on restoration and development projects in Wallonia, where he actively promotes self-build initiatives for the reconstruction of heritage sites.
  • Marie-Noelle Dailly
    Marie Noëlle Dailly, photographer, graduated from the École de Recherche Graphique (Gilbert Fastenaekens and Jacques Vilet’s studios). She now teaches at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Charleroi, where she lives and co-curates the Incise exhibition centre, dedicated to the integration of artworks in the public space.
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