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Distant red

  • André Soupart
35,00 €
  • Art
  • Photography

Distant red

  • André Soupart
35,00 €
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26 x 20 cm
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Through the images of its superb machinery, now gone, and its deserted architecture, it is the memory of an Italian-style theater that lives on today. Through them, we can also imagine the work of those who worked in the shadows and without whom the show could not have existed.

    Fascinated by the beauty of its frameworks, the obsolescence of the materials, the magic of these mechanisms made of ropes, pulleys, capstans and narrow gangways as on an antique three-masted ship, André Soupart invites us to wander on the grill, under the stage and in the wings and to discover a universe unknown to the spectators.

The authors

  • André Soupart

    A trained filmmaker and author of both fiction and documentary films, André Soupart has also worked with renowned directors such as Alain Robbe-Grillet, Jerzy Slolimowsky, Blake Edwards... As a photographer he regularly exhibits in art galleries and contemporary art centers in Belgium and abroad: Paris, Madrid, Luxembourg, Cologne or Rotterdam. He created the projection sets for Fabrizio Plessi's Titanic and The fall off Icarus for the Théâtre du Plan K-Charleroi Danse. He also taught the principles of photography and audiovisual realization at the IHECS and at the ESA le 75 and is the author of the books Hergé collector and Comprendre la photographie focusing on the philosophy of photography.

  • Xavier Canonne

    Xavier Canonne has a doctorate in art history from the Sorbonne University and is a specialist in surrealism and the avant-garde. He has been Director of the Museum of Photography in Charleroi since 2000.

  • Pierre Loze

    Pierre Loze is an art and architecture historian, journalist and writer.

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