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Look at me

  • Vincent Carton
29,90 €
  • Photography

Look at me

  • Vincent Carton
29,90 €
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26 x 20 cm
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In front of a camera, we smile, we’re afraid, we’re intrigued or we love it: whatever the experience, it never leaves us indifferent. Over a period of a year, photographer Vincent Carton observed forty men and women, both young and not so young, who he invited to ‘play the game’. The result is a captivating collection of portraits. To discover more about their experience as models, Edgar Kosma conducted a series of interviews, drawing together some fascinating impressions of their experiences.

The authors

  • Vincent Carton
    It is with his father's 1935 Leica that Vincent Carton is introduced to landscape and city photography. Self-taught until 2016, he attended the Wisiwig School of Photography in Brussels for three years. Focused on Street Photography because of his profession as an urban planner, this training quickly directs his photographic work towards the studio portrait in black and white, on this moment where the model expresses his feelings and communicates with the photographer. Each portrait is at the same time a new adventure, a beautiful meeting, a true connivance, which this book aims to reflect. His portraits have been exhibited at the Collectif de Santé La Perche and proposed at the collective exhibition Carte de Visite in Brussels.
  • Edgar Kosma
    Born in Namur in 1979, Edgar Kosma is a Belgian author who has lived and worked in Brussels since 1998. He has written several novels, including Comment le chat de mon ex est devenu mon ex-chat, short stories, published in collective collections, such as Bruxelles Noir, and a poetic tale entitled #VivreAuVingtEtUnièmeSiècle. For the general public, Edgar Kosma is above all the scriptwriter of the successful comic book series Le Belge, of which four volumes have been published by Éditions Delcourt. In 2019, for his fortieth birthday, he takes on a new challenge and ventures into the merciless world of Stand-Up Comedy.
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